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オリエント 腕時計 メンズ CFT00005M Orient Men's CFT00005M Power Reserve Semi-Skeleton Orange Automatic Watchオリエント 腕時計 メンズ CFT00005M


商品名オリエント 腕時計 メンズ CFT00005M Orient Men's CFT00005M Power Reserve Semi-Skeleton Orange Automatic Watchオリエント 腕時計 メンズ CFT00005M
商品説明(英語)Imported Quality Japanese Automatic movement; functions without a battery; powers automatically with the movement of your arm Solid stainless-Steel Bracelet Scratch-Resistant Sapphire crystal Skeleton case-back Water resistant to 330 feet (100 M): suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving
商品詳細(英語)This striking orange Orient Rally watch has a high wow-factor! It features a semi-skeleton dial that allows you to view the workings of the automatic movement in action and a power reserve meter at 6:00 on the dial shows you up to 40 hours of stored power. You set the time with a screw-down crown on the 9:00 (left) side of the case and the crown on the right side at 4:00 rotates the inner slide rule for making computations. The crystal is scratch resistant sapphire and it also has an anti-reflective coating. An exhibition case back is provided also so you can view the nicely decorated movement and the winding rotor. The stainless steel case is 43.7mm in diameter (without crowns) and 12.1mm thick. Includes a very supple solid link stainless steel bracelet with a dual push button deployant clasp and safety clasp. Features Movement: Orient 21-Jewel Automatic (self-winding) Case: Polished and brushed stainless steel, 43.7mm x 12.1mm thick Back: Exhibition case back Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire Band: Stainless steel bracelet, dual push-button deployant Water Resistant: 100 meters Warranty: 1 Year The reason why this particular line of semi-skeleton stands out is because this watch is Marcus Grテカnholm-inspired. Marcus Grテカnholm, former rally car driver, is recognized for his victories in the World Rally Championship in 2000 and 2002. He is known to be a fearless driver that never gets intimidated by the thrill of racing. Likewise, you must not be intimidated by the complex functions of this watch. People find this watch to be special, because it combines the quality of a sporty look with the value of intricate design to create a timepiece that Marcus Grテカnholm would wear himself. Some people would look at the dial (face) of this watch and get intimidated by the complex designs and functions. They should, however, be amazed and intrigued by the many features and attributes that this watch has to offer. You will notice that this semi-skeleton has 7 holes. Within these holes you are able to see the mechanisms that operate watch. One feature of this timepiece that is unique is that this watch has a slide rule. This means that the owner is able to turn the inner bezel (the ring of the watch) so that it could perform such functions as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, currency conversion, and distance conversion. This can be done by rotating the crown (time-setting piece) located on the 4 o窶冂lock indicator. Unlike other Orient watches, the time-changing crown for this particular piece is located at the 9 o窶冂lock indicator. Two facts about the crowns that you might find interesting are that they are both screw down (which means they keep water from entering the case), and that they each have the Orient logo. This semi-skeleton dial has luminescent time indicators as well as hour indicators. This allows for the owner to view the time during the evening. Another interesting feature of this watch is that it is water resistant up to 100 meters. Located near the 6 o窶冂lock position is the power reserve indicator, which allows for you to measure the stored power in the spring of the watch in units of hours. Since this watch is a mechanical watch, it is powered by the spring of the watch; therefore, the watch will power itself for up to 40 hours when it is being worn. You will notice that this watch comes with a sapphire crystal. This basically means that the glass used in this watch is equipped with a more scratch- and shatter-resistant material. If you look at the back of the watch, you will see that it is an exhibition caseback. This allows for you to view the complex mechanics that power this watch. By looking into the caseback glass, you can view the rotor (semi-circular piece that pivots back-and-forth), which is dressed with the official Orient logo stamp on it. The band comes in either solid stainless steel or genuine leather. For the bands that come in metal, the first two links are tapered followed by untapered links. Another interesting characteristic is that the band has both matte and finished links to provide a two-tone variation to the watch. The metal band also comes with the double-locking deployment clasp that gives added security. For the genuine leather band, the clasp comes in a deployment clasp. Both clasps prevent the watch from coming off unintentionally. This collection comes in a wide range of looks. For the metal band watches, the dials are in different colors: black, orange, white, and yellow. The leather bands come with different color variations for the leather, the leather stitching, and the dials. The black leather bands have three different variations: black dial with white leather stitching, orange dial with orange leather stitching, and white dial with white leather stitching. The last variation is the blue leather band, which comes in a blue dial and white leather stitching. See all Product description
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